Insurance Program Management

FHS ushers you through the marketing insurance renewal process, whether  you have a master portfolio program in place already or need to build one out from square one.

Take the stress out of insurance renewal by allowing FHS to translate broker offerings, negotiate fees, and implement renewed plans seamlessly.

We analyze the unique risks in your portfolio in order to efficiently maximize coverage while minimizing cost.

Our dedicated team provides thorough review of historical loss data and claims history.

We analyze the results of insurance risk models like RMS and AIR to make the most beneficial decisions regarding new and existing asset coverage

From ongoing contracts to one-time projects, we design and review all business contracts for indemnity language and insurance provisions.

comprehensive risk

Million Sq. Ft.

Real estate assets insured, our clients asset’s shape skylines around the globe

Billion Dollars

Insured value for commercial, residential, and hospitality assets

Thousand Units

Residential units insured


Construction projects worldwide, we have a vast amount of knowledge gained from these projects