Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Optimize your broker RFPs and maximize possibilities with support and counsel from the best in risk management consulting

Coordinate, Review, Advise

We’re present and engaged throughout every step of the RFP process.

Select Competing Brokers

We work with you to identify which brokers are the best fit and most capable of handling your insurance placement.

Project Management

We establish time tables for all proposal presentations so your project can get underway as soon as possible.

Negotiate & Compare

We can negotiate fees with brokerage service providers and compare options to ensure an optimal match.

Evaluation Matrix

Our Final Evaluation Matrix will lay out all the pros and cons of each broker’s offer so you’re confident in choosing the perfect partner.

Recommend & Award

We’ll make our recommendations for the right match for your RFP and award the program to the most successful broker.

A smoother process every time

With the experience FHS holds in the insurance brokerage industry as well as years of comprehensive projects with real estate developers and construction projects, your RFP processes will run efficiently from start to finish.

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